Consultancy | Skills for Growth

Remarkable and Skills Development Scotland are working in partnership to deliver Skills for Growth, a skills diagnostic product, to Scottish Businesses.

Skills for Growth is an innovative service designed to help small businesses get the best out of the skills of their workforce.

We help employers achieve their business objectives by combining a skills analysis with support and guidance throughout from Skills Development Scotland’s Employer Engagement Team.

Employers don’t always have the time to create a detailed skills and people plan or can be unsure where to start and that’s where Skills for Growth can help.

 We work with employers to: 

How does it help employers?

Skills for Growth has been developed by Skills Development Scotland in partnership with Remarkable, employers and training providers.

Your business will be responsible for the cost of any actions you choose to take as a result, for example, training or taking on new staff, but Skills Development Scotland will work with you to provide support and any public sector funding opportunities that could help you.

Does your business need Skills for Growth?

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